The Impact of Technology on Society

Technology is an ever-changing field of science and technology. It refers to the collection of human knowledge over time. Technology results from the application of science and technology, often combined, to improve a product or process, for the improvement of a system or for a better means of doing something. Technology is not just about changing things like computers, phones and cameras, but it goes far beyond those things. Technology influences every aspect of our lives.

The term “technology” was first used by American linguist William Collins Campbell in his book The Extensions of Reason. It was later used by American psychiatrist and psychologist Milton Erickson in his ground breaking book Theonomic Psychology. According to them, human beings possess ten different layers of mental structures which each structure carries a specific mental attitude. The ten different layers of the mind are left over to develop as a collective consciousness. In other words, the technology can be defined as a conscious use of technology within a society or civilization.

Every society has been the target of some form of technology, usually for the advancement of society. Examples of technologies that have changed the society include the electric motor, the microscope, the telephone, the railroad, the steam engine, aviation, automobiles and the laptop computer. Each of these technologies has had an effect on society either directly or indirectly.

One of the major effects of the technology spectrum is education. The impact of the Internet, for instance, is enormous because it enables people from all over the world to access information at the same rate and at the same skill level. This has increased the ability of individuals to participate in the economic and educational systems of their nations, causing a net change in the structure of education in many ways.

Another major influence of technology is business. Many businesses are built around the Internet or on computer networks that allow communication between other computers and companies that are located thousands or even millions of miles apart. Companies are increasingly able to build up large and complex fleets of vehicles that run on computers instead of fuel. Another example is the banking industry, which has changed completely upon its original stone age banking methods because of the ability to interact with customers remotely via email and other computer applications.

Although there are some great positive changes occurring in society, we also have to be aware that technology can also bring some negative change as well. Consider, for example, the widespread use of databases which contain personal information about everyone in a given community. This information is available to anyone who has access to computers, which allows for identity theft and fraud to flourish.

Another very real and significant impact of technology on society is pollution. New industries are springing up around it and new forms of energy are being discovered and developed. This, of course, creates more waste and pollution in our environment. Additionally, a great deal of travel has also been impacted by technology. Due to the increasing capabilities of airplanes and cruise ships to reach remote destinations that were previously inaccessible, the need for air travel is not always met.

All in all, technology is impacting our everyday lives. We cannot deny the fact that it is causing many changes and positive impacts. However, we also have to recognize that it can have some negative impact as well. As technology continues to improve and become more vibrant and integrated into society, it will continue to impact our society as a whole, and we all have to continue to balance that out.

Author: Patrick Robinson