Sample Hobbies and Interests on Your CV

Hobbies are often thought of as an idle recreational activity that’s done for fun, usually during one’s leisure time without any other reason except to occupy one’s mind. Hobbies range from collecting miniature roses and dolls to building model airplanes and snowmen. Hobbies may include anything you find interesting or unappealing, and there’s probably an activity related to your hobby that you’d love to try. Hobbies are defined as an interest that stimulates and occupies a person for its own sake. Hobbies can be academic pursuits, like hobbies related to arts and sciences, or they can be simple and pleasure-based, such as hobbies related to sports and games.

There are many different types of hobbies, each having its own benefits and drawbacks. A simple hobby like painting or drawing can become an obsession and turn into a passion. If you have a huge collection of crayons and paints, that can become your new career. You need to start small, start with a few items that interest you and see how you do with it. Some of the sample answers for the question, “What would you like to try?”

There are many hobbies for young people including vices such as smoking, drinking, eating, drinking alcohol, drugs, etc. These are usually considered “bad” hobbies by most adults; however, these are very common amongst young people. Some of the hobbies for adults which are less frowned upon are hobbies such as weight loss, weight lifting, fashion modeling, hobbies related to computers, golfing and solving puzzles. You can display your interests on your cv to demonstrate that you are mature enough to take the risk.

Hobbies can help you in many ways, besides just showing that you’re intelligent. Hobbies add value to your CV as it can highlight your past interests, work experience and skills which can be useful when applying for jobs. Hobbies are enjoyable, and if you do end up having to perform a task that you find a little bit odd, it can give you a laugh and maybe even encourage you to carry on. It may sound silly, but it is often the case that people who are not at all interested in the topic of the CV, will pick it up quicker and have more fun than someone with a real interest in the subject.

There are a number of sample answers for the questions, “What do you do for a pastime?” which you can use to convince your potential employer that you’re enthusiastic and will probably make money if you follow your chosen hobby. Hobbies are good for freshers, because it’s unlikely you’ll ever become bored with them. Most hobbies lend themselves to relaxation and enjoyment. Even if you enjoy your job and find it hard to do anything else, your hobbies will make you happy in the long run.

The most popular examples for the sample hobbies and ideas section on CVs tend to relate to things like interior design, painting and sculpture. These are very good choices for anyone whose dream career is interior design, and many young people will choose this as their niche when choosing a subject for their CV. Hobbies like wood working and coin collecting may also be good for the arts, and there are many other ways in which you could show your enthusiasm for various things. For example, carpentry is very popular among fresh graduates looking to get into the construction industry, but carpentry could also be applied to interior design if that’s your dream job.

As you can see, there are many different possibilities for the type of hobby or pastime that you might choose on your CVs – and it’s a good idea to sample a few as a fresher. This can help you decide exactly what you might be looking for when choosing a new job. So, what are your hobbies now? Have you found your perfect job yet?

The biggest mistake that people make when they’re looking for a new job is simply lying about their interests. If you don’t have any interests at all in your CV, then you’re probably lying about what you’re capable of doing. There are so many hobbies that it’s impossible to list them all here, but we can give you some examples to start with. We recommend things like paintball, photography, sewing, camping, rock climbing, ice climbing, sky diving, cycling, golf, horse riding, dancing and sailing. There are so many hobbies – what are yours?

Author: Patrick Robinson